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What Would You Attempt To Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

Our greatest success and happiness in life will be found when we use your natural abilities to their fullest extent. Happiness is not having or being. It’s in the doing. “He who moves not forward moves backwards”. Too many people are quite content with their achievements and don’t want to take on new challenges. But the world moves on, other people move on, if we don’t move on we are left behind.

Most people use only 8-35% of their potential. Einstein claimed that he only uses 15% of his potential. It will be difficult for us to know how much of our potential we are actually using but unless we have been working on ourselves to conquer the self imposed limitations; we may safely assume that we are using only a very small part of what we are capable of.

Some of us might say: “I am successful, I am wealthy, I have what I need!” Yes, we might have a lot of material things but here we are talking about our potential, i.e. what we are capable of. The gift we were born with. Don’t we owe it to our parents, our teachers and ourselves to challenge our limits?

Yes, we all have self-imposed limitations that we picked up along our journey. A lifetime of negative conditioning paralyzes people and prevents them from reaching their full potential. Some people believe they are free of inhibitions and limitations. Here is my question: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? If we honestly answer this question we shall definitely find a few things that we would do. Now let’s ask ourselves, why we haven’t done it and what would be involved to take on the challenge? What are the obstacles to move forward?

We were created to conquer our environment, to solve problems, and to achieve goals. We will find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve.

It is a bad awakening when we are getting older and look back at our life only to rue all the missed opportunities. We are shooting the movie of our life now. We are the ones to decide if it is going to be a good or a bad movie. Unfortunately, time will never come back again.

True happiness is challenging ourselves, getting outside our comfort zone and venture on new roads to extend our horizon. It is about setting new worthwhile goals and achieving them.

It’s our life, it’s our decision!

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