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What Mindset Do You Have?

Understanding how mindset can influence your behavior is important if you want to grow as a person and prevent falling into a state of depression when things don’t go the way you want them to.

In my last article on Mindset, I had previously talked about the two types that have been found to exist and they are: “Fixed” and “Growth” Mindset. In this article, I plan to illustrate how you can begin to work out which type best describes you. Taking responsibility of what Mindset you have now is the first step in deciding whether you want to make a change and how that change can affect your behaviors.

Mindset And Our Lives.

Mindset comes into play in many areas of our lives and include:



Artistic talent

Sporting ability

IT skills

Business skills

To keep things fairly simple I will focus on what Mindset you have with respect to your intelligence.

You can create statements similar to those below to suit any area in your life. Read the statements below and consider whether you agree or disagree with each of them:

You can’t change how smart you are even though you can learn new things.

Your mental capacity is something very basic about you that you can’t vary very much.

No matter how much mental capacity you have, you can always develop more.

You can always markedly change your IQ.

Statements 1 and 2 are Fixed-Mindset statements. Statements 3 and 4 indicate a Growth Mindset. Which statements did you agree with more? In reality you can be a mixture of both, but most individuals lean toward one or the other.

Fixed Mindset And How It Influences You

The focus of the statements is around whether you believe you can learn, grow and change. If you have a Fixed Mindset then your belief is probably one that says that the way you are now is the way you have been all your life and you will be the same for the rest of it.

You also most probably shy away from learning and problem solving as you subconsciously think that attempting any of these will be put into question your competence in various facets of life. You will want to safeguard the image you have of yourself that you depict to the world. What is ‘fixed’ needs to be proven and the way you act will be such that you are constantly trying to prove your worth as an individual rather than feel free to grow and develop.

The Influence Of Growth Mindset On You

If your response to the last two statements was ‘I agree’, then it is likely that you have more of a Growth Mindset. Learning and taking on challenges are things that you seek to do as you subconsciously think that by doing this you will grow as a person and you also think that you are constantly moving towards your ultimate potential which is at present unknown.

You believe that you are continually changing and that each new challenge enables you to thrive and blossom as a person. You know that you are not the sum of success or failure in any area. Your experiences, both good and bad are but lessons as you journey along life and they are not the essence of you as an individual. Believing this enables you to make decisions and accept that what ever happens as a result of choice you make are adventures that you go through.

Mindset And Depression

A Fixed Mindset has the potential to lead a person into a state of depression as they see no future for themselves. It can incline a person to be critical and prejudiced towards others. When people are critical of others they are likely to be also critical of themselves and this can prevent any chance of them beating depression.

Mindsets are beliefs and beliefs are something in your mind. You have the power to change you mind whenever you choose to.

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