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Weigh the Need For Solitude

When you sense there is a gulf growing between you and the people you care about, your first response might be to retreat into solitude so you can mull over this development. However, doing so may cause the rift to widen, because those you care about may interpret your withdrawing as neglectful.

Consider how others will respond to your decision to seek solitude. If you believe that your absence may cause further distance, choose to tell him/her that you need to have time alone, before addressing the issue. Your explanation will reassure those you care about that you are in tune with the situation and will address it when you have sorted out your own feelings.

The best way to bridge the distance between yourself and someone you care about is to acknowledge the distance exists and explain that you will address it when you have ample time to understand your feelings regarding the situation. You might feel uncomfortable discussing the issue, yet you need to take the needs and desires of those you care about into consideration.

There are no doubt times when you wish to have solitude, yet, family and friends are in need of your company. You need to weigh your own wishes against the importance of the relationships affected by your need to have solitude. Whether or not you ultimately choose to abide by your feelings of the need for solitude will sometimes be less important than your willingness to give those you love your time and attention. However much you wish to be alone, the love and tenderness you feel for your loved ones can be a deciding factor in seeking solitude or being with your loved ones.

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