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Never Late Is Better

“Better late than never”. This is an adage that does not do anyone any good at all. It is, however, the favorite mantra of all late-comers and time-challenged individuals. If you’re one of them, do you really think that you can get away with being late all the time? Think again. It’s time to take matters into your own hands – in your case, the operative word being ‘time’.

Why Are You Late?

If you find yourself asked this question more often than not, you have a serious problem in your hands. Tardiness is probably one of the most negative traits a person could possess. Regardless of what your reason is, you can only get away with tardiness one too many times.

You might think that being late because of a traffic jam is excusable. It is not. After all, why not wake up a few minutes earlier to beat the rush hour? Being late because you overslept is just as lame. It’s common sense not to stay up when you know you have to be someplace the next morning. The same as being late because you lost your keys, your wallet, or even your shoes. It’s your responsibility to be prepared for all inevitabilities if you have an appointment or a meeting to keep.

Indeed, the only way you can get away with being late is if there’s a natural calamity that came out of nowhere, or if you’re stuck in a life and death situation. These are good excuses, but ones that can be substantiated, so don’t even think of using these to your advantage. You’ll only get in more trouble than you already are.

Why Is Being Late A Big Deal?

Look at it this way: if you’re meeting somebody, you don’t want that person turning up late, do you? Suffice to say, no one wants to be kept waiting, be it your boss, one of your children, or even your date. After all, why spend time waiting for somebody who doesn’t have any regard for your time?

Though you might possibly get away with being tardy in your personal life, you won’t have as much luck in the workplace. When you were hired for the job, chances are it was made clear to you that tardiness won’t be tolerated. Your work is time-sensitive, and this is an agreement that you must honor in order to succeed.

If you are almost always invariably late every morning, however, you are not honoring your end of the bargain at all. Because of this, you’re more than likely to be warned and eventually fired from your job. If you somehow escape such a fate, you’ll find yourself stuck in the same position for a long time. After all, nobody wants to promote somebody who’s always late, no matter how well you might work.

Indeed, tardiness is possibly the worst trait a person could have. Not only will it have negative effects in your personal life, it will affect your career as well. It’s time to set your clock right and show up on time.

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