How do I use this site?
It's easy! Just head on over to the home page and click the Add Photos button. Select photos from your computer and watch as they appear in the area below. You can then reposition the order of your animation by simply dragging and dropping the photos in place. Choose your animation speed and size of your finished GIF and click the Create It! button to generate your GIF and unique HTML code.

What if my photos are different sizes?
Giffysnap creates a GIF based on the size you enter in the GIF Size boxes. Your images will be sized to fit this area as best as possible.

What is a GIF?
A GIF is simply an image format that is used for compressing image files. An animated GIF contains a series of compressed images combined in sequence to create a slideshow or stop animation effect. One frame is shown at a time and looped when the last image is reached, for an endless motion effect.

Why would I want to use a GIF?
GIFs can be great for adding a little extra playfulness to your website or blog posts, but are not limited to either. Sometimes they can be used to help tell a story by displaying photos in a sequence instead of on their own. Plus, they're fun to make!

My GIF isn't appearing in Preview mode...
Sometimes when you add an iframe code to the HTML section of a blog post, the preview will not show the iframe. Rest assured, the final published post should display it properly. Preview urls that start with https:// cannot display http:// iframes. You can remove the "s" from the browser URL to bypass this and preview your page if you need to!

Why was my image removed?
Sometimes lewd images may be removed from our servers. We will not keep anything on our server that is questionable or against the law. Please try to create happier GIFs that everyone can enjoy ;)